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January 30, 2007

wild cucumber

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This pic is especially for our Minnesota grandchildren. Last summer we were looking at some pretty vines that were covering the cedar trees near the garden and I explained that they were wild cucumber vines. That tiny bit of info prompted the expected questions about the nature of the fruit. It was too early in the season for the flowers and seed pods so I tried to explain
how they would look in several weeks. Since they couldn’t seem to picture my words I promised to send a photograph after the vines blossomed and set.


The fruit is about an inch and a half long (not counting the soft spines) and is semi-hollow; containing a single seed suspended in the center. We call it “wild cucumber” (echinocystes lobata) which is it’s common name in much of the country. It is in the Cucurbitaceae family which also includes cucumbers, squash, pumpkins,etc.


dog pic

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Didn’t sleep much last night so didn’t get up ’til nine forty-five this a.m. By the time I took Bogey for a walk and had “breakfast” it was after eleven. Have been playing catchup all day.

A few people have asked how Bogey looks withourt being clipped since early Fall.


I sent a slightly different photo to the grandchildren although in that one he appears rather lilac in places—I think my printer needs a new black cartridge.

January 28, 2007


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I am always happy to have it be Sunday. Though my branch here still does not feel comfortable I expect that is more my fault than theirs. We are all gathered to learn and to be uplifted and especially to renew our covenants through the ordinance of the Sacrament. The sense of unity in worship is there which seems to be an important tool the Lord has established to help us learn to be one. The Savior prayed that “…they may be one even as we are one” (John 17:11) in His great intercessory prayer and gathering for worship under the influence of the Holy Ghost can be a powerful unifying experience.

And now to go from the sacred to the secular in one fell swoop;


I took this shot at the auction last night. As you can see it is composed almost entirely of boxes of junk but it it a source of entertainment and consumer goods for many around here. This is an economically challenged area with many people doing the best they can with very little. Much of the town is divided into trailer lots with decades old trailers on them that LOOK decades old and are occupied by the financially desperate. Of course, there are “better” parts of town but it seems that the old trailers with their tiny lots make up a greater percentage of the residences than one would expect.

Anyway, we got rid of a lot of stuff and it feels great!

January 27, 2007


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Spent yesterday being sick but am better today. In fact, called my sister (Hi Sis!) in Holland and had a good talk. I admire her going back to school (in a foreign country yet!) and sticking to it. Our family seems to prefer getting their higher education degrees the hard way but I am so proud of you all.

Another day with snow in the forecast—why am I here?


This is a picture of a more attractive part of Truth Or Consequences (hereafter called TorC).
The town is a warren of trailers and power lines but the location is quite nice with the mountains around it and the Rio Grande running through. Downtown has retained many of it’s original adobe and stuccoed buildings and has a quaint, rather artsy feel to it. Will show pics of it in a later post.

R has spent the past several days hauling stuff for tomorrows auction. He was a bit perplexed
today because the place doesn’t look much different but I told him we could haul stuff for ten years before there would be an observable difference.

January 23, 2007

more snow

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We awoke to four or five inches of snow with a strong wind and temps in the thirties today.

I decided to work in the office organizing and filing. My head feels twice its normal size and I walk around with a tissue to my dripping nose.

I really enjoyed Public Television’s “American Experience” this evening which was a documentary entitled “John and Abigail Adams”. David McCullough’s “John Adams” (sorry—can’t find the underline thingy) was an excellent read and piqued my interest in this Founding Father and his wife. Public Television’s website ( has more interesting material and background info. I especially liked the opportunity to read one of John Adams’ books with his personal notations in it on the site. Apparently he annotated the books in his library and you can read the photographic images of the actual book. I had an enjoyable evening.


January 20, 2007


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I thought these pecans were quite fetching with their white caps.

Sun is shining but it is forty degrees and breezy. Richard has a cold and I am feeling the throat tickle.

There was a most interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal yesterday about the ability of the mind to cause physical changes in the brain. I recall reading about that several years ago and thinking how much that reminded me of Alma chapter five and it still does. We are exhorted after all, to bring the body (especially the brain) into complete subjugation to our own will which should be one with the will of God. To be “born again” and to have “…received his image in your countenance … (and) experienced this mighty change in your hearts” depends in a large measure on where we choose to send our thoughts and the actions we take thereon. The WSJ article illustrated that a person can physically become a different person (inside) by choosing to think differently. It is helpful to know that the Holy Ghost will complete the process as long as the individual is willing.

January 19, 2007


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pict0696.JPGThis morning we awoke to several inches of snow and gently falling flakes. I donned my winter duds and Bogey and I took a lovely walk in the grey and white quiet. Silent mourning doves lined the utility cables but the blackbirds were raucous as always and seemed to delight in landing close enough to entice the dog to make a mad dash for them. This cold cactus lives in the next street. I have a few other pictures but can’t figure how to post them without having the pics stuck cheek by jowl in a most awkward manner.

January 12, 2007

cold weather

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Bogey and I took our walk this morning at about 7 a.m. and it was quite warm–about
4o degrees. I had to chuckle as we passed the last trailer before the banks of the Rio Grande
because the couple that live there had their cars warming up in the driveway. We watched the sunrise and the river for about five minutes and the cars were still warming up as we passed on our way back. I guess cold is relative.

This afternoon it is windy with an on and off rain — a refreshing change. Friday is
“Bogey Bath Day”. I have brushed him and the utility tub is almost full. He is lying on the livingroom floor in obvious dread of the inevitable and whenever I pass him he hangs his head and follows me with his eyes , old man eyebrows twitching. Guess I’ll consumate his misery and do the deed.

January 11, 2007


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Hope this works out with “wordpress” and my fears of being lost in blogdom will be over. 

Have to leave.  At 4:39 p.m. the shadows are lovely on the mountains around here and I like to take Bogey to ride around and look at them.  I know—waste of gas but so be it.   

Hello world!

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