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February 26, 2007

going to monticello canyon

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This afternoon R and Bogey and I took a ride on a rough, dirt road into Monticello Canyon. We had decided to drive to Monticello, a tiny village with numerous adobe houses in various states of repair because I love adobe houses and wanted to see how the residents were progressing in restoring the village. About five hundred Apache lived there in 1870 but they are gone now and a few descendants of ranchers and farmers who settled the area are still there as well as “people from away” (as we call them in Maine) who have purchased some of the old houses and are trying to restore them.

An adobe wall of a home in Monticello.

We passed through the little village and R wanted to continue on the dirt road that crossed a wash outside of the settlement. We drove about seven miles up the Monticello Canyon ( I like the early name of Canada Alamosa better) on a course that taxed the old Dodge van as we traversed a rough gravel road that wound in and out of rocky washes, crossing the Alamosa Creek several times.

I shot this black and white in Monticello Canyon where the road was relatively smooth.

At first we passed a few homes but soon the only human indications we saw were ranch fences,the odd cow, and signs warning us to stay on the road and not tresspass onto the land. I don’t care for living cheek by jowl like we do here in Williamsburg but that was way too remote for me! We took a side road up a hill and took the following shot.


It only took us about three hours to do the whole trip but over two of that was driving up that remote canyon road and I felt like I had been away for the whole day.

I can understand why anyone would like to keep a horse out here; wonderful riding places!


February 23, 2007

early flowers

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I saw the “ice plants” were beginning to bloom on our walk this morning. For several years I couldn’t figure out why they were called that since they grow in the driest of soil. But I recently read that some varieties of this species (delosperma) have large glittery cells in the succulent leaves that sparkle in the sun like ice granules. Haven’t noticed that trait in the plants around here but they are still very pretty if ubiquitous.

Yellow, firey red, orange and magenta are the colors in the varieties seen here in this area. They are originally from Africa but they do so well here with very little work that you see them everywhere and they will trail over fences and rocks in a very pretty fashion.

February 21, 2007

temple tuesday

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Went to the temple in Albuquerque today (well okay, it’s officially Wednesday I see by my trusty computer). Took my camera but when I got up there it was overcast, windy and cold.
It wasn’t sunny until I got to Socorro which is a little over halfway home. The woman from my branch couldn’t go — maybe next week. It was sunny and warm when I got here at about four p.m. I really enjoyed listening to “Prince Caspian” from “The Chronicals Of Narnia” on my trip.

Jim very kindly sent me “Monk” tapes a few weeks ago. I have metered out to myself one episode a night unless I can’t sleep in which case I watch two. Not much for tv here but we get public television and watch “American Experience”, “Nova”, and “Antiques Roadshow” most weeks. R also likes “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” and the odd news programing. What a couple of old foggies we are!

February 19, 2007

going to kingston

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Yesterday morning we went to Kingston, an old silver mining town in the Black Range where R has a cabin left to him by his father. Silver was discovered there in 1882 and it grew to a rough and infamous mining town of seven thousand people. Most of the old buildings have burned down at one time or another but there are still several brick or stone buildings left from the era.

This is the road to Kingston

I enjoy the various flora that is found here in the southwest, so different from home. The following photos were taken around the grounds of the cabin.

The alligator juniper can be a most interesting tree with it’s signature bark and pretty frosty blue berries. Some of the big old trees are quite magnificent. You can just see the foliage in the upper right. The cactus you see in the lower right is a cholla and looks rather bedraggled at this time of year.

I don’t know the name of the variety of pine tree that displayed this gorgeous bark. Need to find some identification books for the plants out here.

R puttered around the cabin for a bit and Bogey and I wandered down to the creek which is flowing briskly with the melting mountain snows.

On the way out of Kingston we drove up a rutted old road called Virtue Street and took this pic—great place for a cabin!

View from Virtue Street

It takes a bit less than an hour to drive to Kingston from Williamsburg and the scenery is very nice.

Going home from Kingston.

February 17, 2007

nascent spring

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Beautiful morning but chilly, thirty-two degrees when Bogey and I took our morning walk at seven twenty-five. The forecast is for temps in the high sixties by noon.

It is early spring in southern New Mexico. Spring flowering bulbs have sent up the first green shoots of daffodills and crocus (where there is much pampering and water available) and some of the trees are pollinating including this one whose flowers I shot on the banks of the Rio Grande this morning.


I don’t know the name of the tree yet but during the winter the branches are lined with tiny ball shaped buds that are quite attractive. Neither do I know why this text is colored and underlined?!? This next picture is actually from the same tree after the snows we had earlier this year and before the buds bloomed.


The little, round buds are just visible.

We are going to Kingston this morning so guess that means no dusting, vacuming, etc. today. But that’s fine. My sabbath will be just as enjoyable in a dusty house.

February 15, 2007

getting better

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Thank you all for your kind concern for Bogey. He is feeling much better physically in fact today I took him for two short walks and he did fine. However, he has to wear an “Elizabeth collar” when he is not out walking because he tries to get the staples out. The vet put staples in the larger puncture wounds and he has five or six of them plus the mess on his belly. He lays on the floor like a dead fish when he has that on and won’t get up to move at all. He comes to life when we take it off to take him outside.


I had just given him a little piece of chicken when I took this pic—food will still pique his interest!

I took the vet bill down to the owner of the Weimaraner today and he was fine. He gave me a check and said he hoped my dog would be all right. I can tell he is the type who would never say he was sorry.

February 13, 2007

attack of the weimaraner

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This morning a weimaraner jumped his fence and attacked Bogey as we were passing his house. He is a big, strong dog and was so focused in his attack that my repeated kicking him and screaming did not deter him one bit (of course I was wearing sneakers which aren’t exactly weapon grade). Fortunately the owner was outside and he finally was able to drag the dog off poor Bogey. We took “Orfen” (you all know R’s penchant for weird nicknames) to the vet and brought him home this afternoon with a great many stitches and multiple puncture wounds. Needless to say he is in pain and needs to be lifted on and off the bed and carried down the stairs (R’s job) to relieve himself. His beautiful winter coat is patched with shaved skin and stitches and staples but the vet said he was very lucky that the weimaraner hadn’t torn into his abdominal wall. He should be fine with time and will suffer no lasting damage.

The weimaraner is a beautiful, big, strong dog that has a lot of energy and generally needs to be trained carefully and skillfully. They are also prey dogs and are very territorial. This poor animal is confined to a small space and is never taken for exercise and hasn’t been trained at all. Apparently, the breed is hard to rehabilitate once they have set a behavior since they tend to be stubborn and very focused.

R or I will take the vet bill to the owner tomorrow.

So I took my evening walk without Bogey and felt a bit edgy since I pass a couple of big, ugly dogs on my way. I have determined to carry a weapon of some kind from now on. I can’t begin to describe my sense of complete helplessness during that attack—I had nothing with which to defend myself or help Bogey.

R suggested I post a couple of pics of Bogey’s wounds but I don’t think I will let you have that treat.

February 12, 2007


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Today in Relief Society I announced that anyone would be welcome to ride to Albuquerque with me if they wanted to attend the temple AND there was a woman who said she’d like to go. Late this afternoon I called her to see if she would care to go on Tuesday and she is going to call me tomorrow to let me know—am excited. She takes care of her ill mother and has to make sure her relief care is available.

Also, an elderly man told me that he is our home teacher and introduced me to his companion who is the young (about thirteen) son of our first counselor in the branch presidency. I will appreciate their visit.

Thought I’d illustrate the trailer,trash and powerline problem we have here. This is a photo I just took from the window of our little office. The guest room and our bedroom share the same view. You see the mountains are nice in the background but our neighbors across the alley aren’t the neatest.


February 8, 2007

another bath

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I mentioned before that Bogey hates his baths and how he mopes when he knows the utility sink is being filled for his weekly ablutions. He generally gets as far away as possible, which in this little apartment is the bedroom, and hangs his head in despair. I shot this photo of him on the bed with R just before he went for his weekly punishment.


Today was wonderfully warm, in the low seventies, and I opened the windows and the door out to the porch for the afternoon. Cut R’s hair out there and then he brought a little table up from one of the trailers for the porch so we can sit out there for meals.

Have packed my temple bag again tonight and if I can sleep will try to drive to Albuquerque in the morning.

February 4, 2007

going to winston

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I don’t intend to “rub it in” dear popsicled family but this sabbath has been clear and warm. The temperature is in the mid sixties and I had to roll the window down on the way home from church. It seems very nice after the thirty and forty degree days we have had.

Our Sunday school lesson was about being born again. It is such an extraordinary, beautiful and hopeful doctrine. Why, indeed, does the Savior exhort us so often to be obedient?

Yesterday R and I took a ride to Winston, a tiny village west of here in the foothills of the Black Range. It was originally settled by miners and had a population of over three thousand people a hundred and twenty years ago. Now there’s a store and a church and several families in the area. We go there for the lovely ride and when we get to Winston we turn around and head back.

This shows our road to Winston.

Coming home.
Coming back in the late afternoon.

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