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April 14, 2007

last day

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Severe weather prompted our decision to wait an extra day before Linc and I leave for Maine.
We have had an enjoyable if low key visit. Yesterday we drove out to Elephant Butte reservoir.
His hat and the teeshirt seem rather incongruous but I like this picture.
We saw more spring flowers


and R and Linc drove to Kingston in the afternoon. Linc took this pretty photo of a vinca at the cabin.

The car is packed and we shall leave when we wake up. It will be wonderful seeing the family but I’ll miss the great weather we have had here.


April 10, 2007

ghost town

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Last week we took a drive to Lake Valley, a ghost town about forty miles from here. It was originally a silver mining company town with several thousand people but by the turn of the century the mine had petered out and so the people moved away. It was so quiet there. Maybe four or five cars went by during the hour we were walking around the place. All you could hear was the wind.

I liked this little stone building that had been a store of some kind at one time. The red and white triangular sign advertises conoco gasoline.


There were apparently still a few families living there in the 1930’s and 40’s but no one lives there now except for a caretaker who has a motor home parked out behind the old school house.

The tenacity of some plants amazes me. I couldn’t resist snapping this pretty little purple flowering plant that was growing out of the gravel.

My camera needed recharging or I would have taken more pics of the lovely desert flowers that appear amid the cactus and scrub brush in the spring.

April 9, 2007

easter sunday

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Beautiful, sunny and breezy day here. Went to church this a.m. and came home to make
a mini Easter feast; lamb chops, baked sweet potato, and stir fried bok choy with mushrooms. Ordinarily, I would have prepared stuffed eggs ahead of time but I simply forgot to cook the eggs yesterday and since I was the only one who cared, I didn’t bother to do it before I went to church so we didn’t have them.

Have spent the past three days reading the accounts of the last week of the Savior’s mortal life in the scriptures and studying the student manual. I really look forward to Easter every year.

The ocotillo are beginning to bloom now. I like the sculptural quality of this plant and the red flowers with their yellow stamens are joyous.
Don’t the blooms resemble some exotic bird or insect alighting on the plant?

This is a closeup of the flowers.

Ocotillo grows all over the place and, like many other desert plants, it spaces itself from other ocotillo, making a landscape look as though someone had carefully measured and placed the ocotillo equidistant from each other. The cactus shown in the first photo were planted that close together and are more solitary looking in the wild.

April 1, 2007

happy birthday!

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Twenty five years ago today…


Here is a photo of the birthday boy taken last fall. I like your hair better now, Link.

Link is flying out on the 11th of April to help me drive back to Maine. How very nice of him! I don’t have the opportunity to spend much time alone with my children now that they are grown and I ‘m really looking forward to it. R is bringing another vehicle and is either traveling with us or waiting a few weeks before heading back.

Actually his birthday is the 31st of March but I guess it was after midnight when I posted.

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