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June 4, 2007


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I took a walk when I first got home from New Mexico and found a cocoon beside the road which I took to the house and set in a mason jar with a piece of cheesecloth for a lid. Last week a beautiful moth with a wingspan of about four and a half inches emerged from the egg-shaped cocoon.

It is a Polyphemus moth, named for the one-eyed giant of Greek myth.


Would any of my grandchildren like to guess why it was named Polyphemus?

After taking it’s picture, I carefully carried it to the tall grass across the driveway and set it on a fat green spear of timothy. I was so grateful to have seen such a lovely thing.


June 3, 2007


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We arrived in Bangor on the 18th of April in a very nasty snow/sleet event and I spent the night at Linc and Dickon’s place.

It was a cold, wet, late spring with flowers and black flies arriving a week later than usual. R was happy to have stayed in the sunny southwest but at last showed up in the middle of May.

Our first born had a birthday on the 18th of May
Happy Birthday Calandria!

As I prepared her picture I realized that I didn’t mention the birthdays of some of the sparkling jewels in my life. Lidia, Georgie, Bernie and L all have had birthdays since I started this blog and though the pictures are a year (and sometimes two years) old they are precious photos to me.

Lidia at Deer Island, N.B., Canada

Georgie practicing violin almost two years ago.

L with flower at camp on a Sunday

Bernie making cookies with Mom Christmas 2005

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