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December 13, 2007


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Woke up at five thirty this morning and decided to go to Las Cruces to run my errands. I like to get any shopping done as early in the day as possible and in the Christmas season many stores are open early. I arrived in Las Cruces about six forty-five and was finished and back in Williamsburg by noon. My first stop was Walmart and I felt like I was in a different country. Most of the employees are Hispanic and I didn’t hear a word of english until I was almost ready to check out forty minutes later. It was kind of neat.

Spent the rest of the day doing nothing productive.


December 7, 2007

back in new mexico

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We arrived here on the night of the 28th of November after a delightful stay with Calandria and family. I got to attend a violin recital of my daughter and Lidia, sit in on a rehearsal of Georgie’s chamber orchestra, have an indoor picnic with the children while we watched “Ratatoulli” and ate hotdogs, chips, pickles and cookies, watched Lidia and Bernie at their Irish dance classes, told old family stories to Bernie, Marcus and Lidia, helped Lidia start a weaving project, helped make Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas ornaments, saw an interesting exhibit displaying artifacts from Pompei and was pleased to attend a showing of Frieda Kahlo paintings and just enjoyed being with the family. We hadn’t seen them for a year and Georgie especially seems so much older.

I was very sad to leave on Tuesday morning of the 27th but after a tearful farewell we left Minnesota’s frigid four degrees and headed south. That evening we stopped for the night in Oklahoma and the temperature was in the fifties but really windy. We arrived here about eight thirty the next night but it was warm and has been very mild.

Several days ago I set out my nativity set and put up my red chili Christmas lights. I am so glad that I can talk with members of the family so often. I hope none of you get tired of my frequent calls.

Have tried to get pics from our stay at Calandria’s from camera to computer via a card reader and haven’t managed it so hope to post those when I figure it out. Meanwhile thought I’d share this from last spring.

Dickon, John and Linc planted the squash last spring in our old garden spot. They mulched and covered the seedlings with row cover (we have a terrible time with squash beetles) and we got a great crop of buttercup and butternut squash.

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