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February 28, 2008

barking dogs

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I woke up congested and feeling “numbah n’a hake”. Dragging my aching joints into clothes, I washed my face then hobbled down the stairs to take my morning walk with Bogey. At eight o’clock the sun has cleared the low mountains and this morning it was shining brilliantly in a turquoise sky.

There are two small dogs across the street who spend the early hours sunning in a bay window and every time Bogey makes an appearance they jump up and bark and carry on as though they had never seen us every day for the past three months. Their racket sets off two big dogs a few houses up the street who howl in comradely outrage. Bogey no longer cocks an ear at this quotidian canine harangue and it ceased once we moved out of sight.

A hound mix lives at the corner in a small side yard and a few minutes later as we passed she gave eight or nine very irritating, high pitched yelps. Shortly after that we went by a border collie and an old springer spaniel and in the next yard a tiny, beige dog that all joined in a community bark setting off numerous dogs in the next street. By the time we had traversed that next street we had passed a couple of dashunds, a yorkshire terrier, a big black mongrel, a rottwieler and a corgi and all but the corgi had something to say.

The next corner yard housed a terrier mix, a brown/black mix and a ferocious chihuahua who all fell into frantic barking as soon as they saw us. The chihuahua, Sugar, managed to squeeze under the fence and danced around Bogey, barking and growling and nipping until her owner emerged from the house to chase her back into the yard. Two houses beyond and behind a high cinderblock fence there are two spaniels who really carried on when they sensed we were passing and a disembodied gravely voice rasped, “Shut up! Stop that! Shut UP!” The next corner yard had two more spaniels and another chihuahua. The chihuahua is usually inside but the spaniels’ barking got frenzied and then they began fighting each other. Bogey layed his ears back when that happened and we hurried by.

We were now midpoint on our morning walk and the most enjoyable street was before us. The only canine sound came from the rottwieler on the previous street who could see us and gave a growl and a few low gruffs. So Bogey and I moseyed down Val Verde listening to birdsong and the “thwit-thwit-thwit” of water sprinklers.

The next corner brought a few barks from a young terrier who has just been adopted from the local animal shelter and then we again ambled by the border collie, the old springer spaniel and the little beige dog, all giving another doggy chorus, and thence the same route backwards with the same dogs repeating the same patterns. We met a neighbor out walking his two dalmatians as we turned up our street but they were thankfully fairly quiet.

I have to admit the walk would be vastly improved without the almost constant barking but fresh morning air, lovely sunshine and exercise cleared my head and tamed arthritic joints and I was grateful for the chance to walk on dry roads in beautiful weather.


February 15, 2008


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Just finished watching “Chocolat” (2000) one of my favorite movies. I really enjoyed Julliette Binoche and Judy Dench and love the feel of the whole film. I haven’t seen the 1988 version but I can’t imagine it would be any better than this one.

It is disappointing to me that a single scene, which could easily have been shot less graphically, gives it a pg-13 rating.

Watching this movie makes me want to dust off my French and go to France.

February 9, 2008

nikon d300

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Spent most of today fooling around with my new camera. I managed to set the date and clock and format the memory card and can take some single shots in auto focus. That may not seem like four hours worth of learning to most people but it’s a lot for someone who can’t work her pedometer because she fails to understand the manual. Fortunately, I also purchased a “how to” dvd for this particular camera and it helps make it all much clearer to me.

Will post pics when I can.

February 7, 2008

Temple Day

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Finally I slept enough last night so that I could drive to Albuquerque and attend a few endowment sessions at the temple. Two more female ancestors have the opportunity to receive their temple blessings! I left here at 5:a.m. and arrived on the temple grounds at 7:35. Not much traffic until about a half hour outside of Albuquerque so was able to sail along at 80 mph (75 mph speed limit)
on a dry, pothole free interstate.

Was surprised to see a couple inches of snow on the temple grounds. It is sited in the foothills north of Albuquerque and sometimes has snow when the rest of the city doesn’t. A great way to spend my birthday!

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