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April 6, 2008

the boy’s visit

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Dickon and Linc in Kingston

We have had a great time with the boys this week. I’m sure they found it slow but the weather was beautiful and they seemed to find enough to do for five days. We went to Kingston yesterday and had fun taking pics with my new camera. I have to say it’s very pleasant being outside for so long with nary a bug stinging you or taking a drink of your blood.

Just outside Kingston we saw a sign that read “trail road” posted by a dirt track off the main road. We followed it into a beautiful hilly area that was fenced along one side and kept longhorn cattle from getting hit by vehicles. The top photo is of Lincoln trying to look like a cowboy leaning on the fence. I like the next pic that Linc took of Dickon.
The next picture of the two of them was taken a short distance from the cabin.

The above is of the boys walking along the dirt track with the fence for the longhorn cattle on their right.

We’ll leave early in the morning for Albuquerque and I’ll be sorry to see them go. Am looking forward to seeing my family in the next month.


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