now in the high desert

September 4, 2008

milky way

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I have been going outside around ten in the evening lately to say my nightly prayers because the nights, though cool, have been a rich extension of the glorious late summer days we have been having.
A benefit of living on a country road is lack of traffic at bedtime so I can stand on the lawn or in the road, contemplate the beautiful evening sky for a while and then have my private devotion with nary a soul to break my peace.

The milky way was stunning tonight since there was no moon. A lone glow worm gleamed occasionally in the grass at my feet and a bat whirred softly by again and again in it’s quest for food while I enjoyed the fragrance of the earth’s lush, night time exhalation.

It is a great blessing to live in a lovely part of the Lord’s vineyard.


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