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November 26, 2008

polite minnesotans

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Yes, it’s true, the people here have to be among the most polite in the world. Today Calandria, Lidia, Bernie, and I did a bit of shopping and after Calandria had pushed the cart into the cart holder in the parking lot a “canned” voice said, “Thank you for returning your cart”. I wasn’t surprised at that in Minnesota.


November 25, 2008

here in minnesota

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R and I arrived late the second day after a harrowing snowstorm around Erie, PA forced us to stop a little early the first night and then travel at 25 to 30 miles an hour for several hours the next morning. Once we passed Cleveland the snow subsided and we had great roads.

Georgie and Lidia’s cello/violin duet was so enjoyable on Sunday. “For The Beauty of the Earth” was especially lovely.

We went to the library today and I marveled at their beautiful facility. The children’s area was full of all kinds of books, movies and audiobooks as well as many computers. I remember my family moving to the town of Dover from the country when I was twelve and could walk to the local library. I spent much of the next six years there though now I realize it was small and quite limited in it’s offerings. It was still a place of learning and dreams for me. A library like the Hennepin County library is a great blessing to the community and a benefit of a more urban life.

I love the trend taking place in cities of the library becoming a center for lectures, classes, and exhibits as well as lending books, movies, and other media. It is such a republican concept; learning and cultural offerings for all with the library providing links to further exploration of colleges, museums, theaters, etc.

November 13, 2008

medieval art

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Knowing I am way too Martha-ish for my own good, and having resolved to more often “choose the better part” I took a break today from my frantic preparation to close the house, pack, notify vendors, close the camp, etc., etc., and hied myself to Colby College in Waterville to see a lovely little exhibit of medieval art.

It was a perfect late fall day with that low wintry sun in a blue, blue sky. Light and shade are beautiful even at midday during this time of year in the northern latitudes.

There was a nice range of objects; paintings, exquisite ivory carvings, chalices, a reliquary, tiles, and a book of hours, with other things. I especially liked a beautiful little ivory carving of Mary and the Christ child and the illuminated Book of Hours. After viewing the medieval pieces I moseyed over to
the American Painters gallery to see portraits by Peale, Copely, Sargeant and Stewart among others and then saw a few oils by eastern Impressionists. They had a couple of Winslow Homer oils but strangely no watercolors by him.

It’s a very small museum but it was just what I needed to feed my soul before going back to work and I know just what Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis (1081-1151) meant when he observed that (art) took one “from this inferior to that higher world”.

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