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February 28, 2009

adobe ranch

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A woman in my branch asked me to help her get started with her genealogy. She particularly wanted to get her deceased parents’ baptisms and confirmations done at the upcoming youth temple trip so that she and her husband could then perform the remaining ordinances and then she could be sealed to them.

My calling as the branch family history consultant gives me the opportunity to go into member’s homes and help them get registered on Family Search and get them started on the exciting mystery of identifying their ancestors and ensuring that temple ordinances are performed for them.

This particular sister lives 70 miles from the nearest town on a ranch (her husband manages cattle on 288,000 acres) part of which is in the Gila National Forest. We went through Winston to get there (I’d put the link here but WordPress has seen fit to change things around and I haven’t figured out how to add a link in this new format—blast them!!—The pics of the road to Winston are in my Feb 4th 2007 post) and it is one of my favorite drives.

The forest is nothing like a New England woods with thick undergrowth. It’s more like a park feeling.




Well, I just looked at my post preview and it appears that my photos are too big but I’m tired of trying to figure it out for tonight.

You can see how park-like the forest is. It is all quite lovely.


February 26, 2009

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Our local newspaper, The Herald, recently reported a plan to put “…red, white and blue landscaping rock to create an American stars and stripes effect.” in nine medians (those strips of land separating opposing traffic on a divided highway) which are located on “our” side of T or C. This means that we will be forced to pass these ugly things each time we go to town.

I did write a letter to the editer expressing my feelings about that course of action. I would love to see something attractive done with the medians but this seems excessively garish and frankly ugly. Surely the city could plan appealing xeriscapes using beautiful native desert plants for the more than $75,000 the article mentioned.

There is an appalling lack of aesthetic sense here in public works projects for a town that trumpets it’s “artsyness”.

February 25, 2009

spring has sprung

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It was almost ninty degrees on the porch this afternoon and the first really hot day we have had this year. I opened the door and windows at ten-thirty this morning thinking I’d get a load of fresh air inside but had to close them and draw the curtains because it was uncomfortably warm outside. Some of the trees are pollinating and early spring flowers are popping up (where they are watered).
I noticed a flowering plum tree in bloom near the library and my little rosemary bushes have had tiny lavender blossoms for a couple of weeks. Even now, at nine-thirty five in the evening it is sixty-three degrees outside so I guess spring has arrived in southern New Mexico!

February 14, 2009

An opportunity to use the word “rapacious”

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We have become aware, lately, of the perfidy and greediness in the higher echelons of most of the larger banks in this country including Bank of America and Discover Card. I was watching the banking CEOs on the hot seat at the congressional hearings recently and was moved to check the interest rates of the last statements we received from the two credit card banks we use. I was appalled to see that they had jacked our interest rate to 21.99% and 25.99% respectively! I called customer service and was told it had been that high for months.

I would ask why good customers who always pay their bills are treated in this manner but after looking into the way these banks do business I realize, of course, that it is an underhanded way of getting more money from their customers than the customers are aware they are paying. I suppose many are like me and in the rush of life don’t check their interest rate every month or bother to heed notices that are hidden in ads for more services. Be assured that I shall be checking my monthly statements now and shall endeavor to ferret out the “notices” which invariably are buried in ads.

These banks are also using excessive paper in urging me to “take advantage” of funds they are happy to lend me, but I consider it unconscionable that they would continue to encourage me or anyone else to borrow money at such exorbitant interest rates, especially since those rates are levied in a deceitful manner.

Why are credit card banks allowed to do this? We pay our complete credit card bills every month so it hasn’t really affected us, but there are millions of people who can’t pay and are being preyed upon by unscrupulous lenders who apparently have successfully lobbied our representatives and senators to allow this egregious practice to continue.

The recent exposure of the rapacious and inept management of banks and businesses has opened the eyes of these congressmen’s constituents. We know that we and the economic future of our children are betrayed but after the House’s passage of the “Stimulus Package”, soon to be passed by Maine’s own Snowe and Collins, I have to wonder by who?

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